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Anna Malcolm
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Handtied Bouquets
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Stunning Handtied Bouquets by Anna Malcolm People love sending and receiving hand-tied bouquets for whatever the occasion, because the flowers arrive already arranged, no vase is required, and they are aqua packed in a special flower solution food, because the stems are spiralled it is free standing therefore the bouquet can stand in the flower box provided or they can be placed into your favourite bowl.

Arrangements can be made in seasonal flowers or tropical flowers with a favourite colour scheme of the person in mind; they can be informal modern posies, classic formal posies or contemporary posies. Just talk to me when telephoning and I can advise you the type of bouquet which would be suitable for the occasion.

Stunning Handtied Bouquets by Anna Malcolm I talk to such nice people when they ring up and order flowers for a relative, loved ones or friends; but it is especially nice to meet the people that they are going to, especially see their faces when the bouquet is handed over, they are so happy to receive the flowers knowing that the sender has taken the time and trouble to order flowers for them, therefore it is very important to me to make sure that every effort goes into making the perfect bouquets for that person in mind.

There is of course the “language of flowers”. The Victorians who were the most sentimental of people took to the language of flowers with enthusiasm, when every young man said it with flowers and was very aware of the implications of sending the wrong flowers with the meaning attached to them, therefore I hope you will be very careful in choosing your lovers bouquet in the future! e.g.

Chrysanthemum – I Love
Forget-me-not - True Love
Rose – Love
Peony – bashfulness
Variegated Tulip – Beautiful eyes
Orchid – Love, beauty, refinement, beautiful lady
Red carnation – Alas for my poor heart
Large bright pink rose – meet me by moonlight

This is but a few, but there are many, many more. Why not send your message with flowers to your loved one!!

To view examples of our handtied bouquets please see our handtied bouquets gallery